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Amp Diy

DIY PCB Board Tube Amp Universal PS Power Supply HV with Neg Bias KT88 EL34 EL84


DIY PCB - "Butte" solid-state headphone amp


Enclosure for DIY "Butte" Headphone Amp


DIY PCB Board OTL Tube Headphone Amp Aikido White Cathode Follower 6SN7 6BX7


DIY PCB Board - Tube Amp - LV Tube Heater DC Power Supply - 6.3VDC from 6.3VAC


DIY PCB - Cap board for tube amp (for snapmount electrolytic caps)


DIY PCB -Power supply for class-D (or AB) amps


DIY PCB plus Tube & chip - NuClassD 50W amp using the Korg Nutube 6P1


2018 LJM - MX50 SE (100w+100w) Power Amp Kit Stero Amplifier Kit DIY


LJM- MX50 100W SE Power amp board Stereo Amplifier DIY Assembled and Tested


DIY PCB - 50 watt monoblock " Engineer's Amplifier" tube amp


68W LM3886TF DC 20~28V Sound Audio Amplifier Mono Digital Power AMP DIY Kit


ONE Large Aluminum Heat Sink Audio Amp Amplifier DIY Project 10.5x4.312x2.750”


AC12V 6J1 Valve Pre-amp Tube Board Headphone Amplifier+Acrylic Case DIY Kits


DC 12V TDA7377 2*35W Two Channel Car Power Amplifier Stereo Audio Amp Board DIY


DIY PCB - Muting Circuit for Audio Amp or Preamp


DIY PCB - 3B7 Tube Single-ended DHT Hybrid Amp


20*8mm aluminum mini feet pad for speaker turntable amp isolation hifi diy,lot*8


12V 600W Car Audio Mono amplifier Board DIY Home Subwoofer Super Bass Amp AUX US


New 6J1 Valve Pre-amp Tube Board Headphone Amplifier+Case+Power DIY Kits AC 12V


DIY KIT Clone Burmester 933 MKii Power Amp Current Feedback Amplifier 2-Channel


DC5V Mono Amp Bluetooth Audio Receiver 6W Power Amplifier Board DIY Speaker 3.7V


TDA7377 Power Amplifier 2.1 DIY kit 3 Channel Sound Audio AMP Board 12-18V DC


DIY NAIM NAP200 Audo Power Amplifier PCB based on NAIM AMP Module 2SC3519


WA140 full aluminum chassis Power amp box DIY amplifier case 134*55*248MM


Portable Headphone Amplifier Board Kit AMP Module For Classic 47 DIY with Shell


TDA7293 x2pcs Dual Parallel 170W Mono Audio Power Amplifier AMP Board Diy Kits


1PC XC1 Stereo Buffer Preamplifier Pre-amp PCB Base on PASS B1 Preamp DIY Audio


BZ1005 All Aluminum Chassis Mini Amplifier Enclosure DIY Headphone Amp Case New


DIY PCB - Smaller cap board for tube amp (for snapmount electrolytic caps)


30*18mm Black Full Aluminum Volume Potentiometer Knobs For Hifi Audio AMP DIY *2


2207 DIY aluminum chassis Power supply box Power amp Enclosure case 215*70*228mm


1 X 25 Watt 4 Ohm Class AB Audio Amplifier DIY Kit - TDA2050 25W Mono T-Amp


LM3886 Power Amplifier Board Kit DC SERVO 5534 Independent op amp DIY Amplifier


Assembled 6J1+LM1875 tube amplifier board HIFI DIY Power AMP 20W+20W


Audio Hifi Headphone Amplifier Kit Base On SOLO Headphone Amp Diy Kits


85*85*100mm Vintage Triod Transformer iron protect cover Enclosure FR Amp DIY*1


EF94/ 6J4/ 6AU6 + 6V6/ 6L6 Single-ended Push-pull Tube Amplifier Amp DIY PCB


DIY PCB - Push-pull tube amp driver PCB


12AX7/12AU7 Tube Buffer Audio Preamplifier Preamp AMP PCB Bare Board For DIY


EL34 Vacuum Tube Amplifier Single-ended Class A HiFi Stereo Amp DIY KIT 10W x2


Leach Super Amp Amplifier PCB DIY


DIY PCB - "Jonokuchi" tube headphone / speaker amp


DIY PCB - Power supply board for tube amps with bias supply


Fully Symmetrical Pre-amp PCB Class A Preamplifier Board DIY Headphone Amplifier